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New Construction & Building

I have been involved in numerous new construction home projects! From custom homes to starter homes!

Since my husband {who is a builder} and I have personally built 2 homes for ourselves, I understand the entire process! From picking out the perfect lot or land through all the design process. Who knew there were so many decisions to be made?? I didn't!

I have also helped in the process of doing several spec homes. These are homes that are built by the builder to sell to a buyer after it is finished. So not custom to them. Unless they get into the process early enough and then you can pick out some of the amenities.

With this knowledge I have complete understanding on what can go on good or bad during a build. This allows me to help Buyers when they decide they want to buy a spec house. Or do a custom build. 

So, if you have always dreamed of building your dream home. Please know that I am here to do my best to get you what you want!

Thanks for your time!


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